GOP Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is a term used to describe the drawing of boundaries of congressional districts to benefit a particular ideology. In the past several decades, the Republican Party has been in control of the legislatures of most of the states. As a result, they are in charge of drawing the boundaries after each census. Naturally the lines drawn encompass areas which benefit their party and disadvantage the opponent’s party.

One district nearby me extends from Toledo to the suburbs of Cleveland yet is only a few feet wide in some places. In fact, it is not contiguous; the congresswoman cannot drive from one end to the other without leaving her district.


If the congresswoman had a boat she could troll her district and fish at the same time. District 9 used to include all of the city of Toledo but, because it was heavily democrat, it now is ‘represented’ in three districts, thus diluting the strength of democrats living there.

Earlier this year the Washington Post ran a computer program which specified that a congressional district be drawn as compactly as possible. Below (bottom) is the result. At the top are the districts gerrymandered by the political parties.


And so it goes. Slick political maneuvering. Welcome to America.



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