Blissful Ignorance in the 21st Century

Who knew? Who knew that an entire clutch of Christians knew so little about their sacred texts? For the past week I did battle with a dozen or so Lutherans on a Patheos blog on the Evangelical Channel. Missouri Synod Lutherans.

My main interest was finding out why Lutheranism has remained so little changed from the time of Luther. I wondered if there were any doctrinal issues that were in need of addressing- as Luther had done back  in the 16th century. Or was that church fairly well content after the Reformation to this very day?

My intrusion into the blog was not met with welcome. Many figured that I was an atheist and leveled me so. They began guessing my religious background. One declared me to be a Jew. Clearly, I could not have been a Christian- especially not their ‘version’ of one!

Somewhere during all of that mud slinging, something stuck. And shocked me. These people had no idea about the New Testament beyond the literal words on the page! It was as if they had never grown since their Sunday school days. Worse yet, one claimed to be an active minister in the Lutheran Church..

What was going on here, I thought? Each one believed, for example, that Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were the apostles who walked the dusty roads of Judea along side of Jesus. That these men not only took great notes, but that they were gifted writers- writers who wrote Koine Greek.

I wonder if these bloggers ever wondered why, with the exception of John, these names never appeared on that inner circle about which we read- Peter, Andrew and James. Shouldn’t these men have written the stories due to their close relationship with Jesus? Maybe they didn’t know Koine Greek?

The bloggers were outraged when I suggested that the authors put words onto the lips of Jesus. Oh no! Blasphemy!

Apparently adult education classes in their churches never talked issues like the authorship of the Gospel writings. One can only speculate why.

Undaunted by facts, the mud-flinging intensified and I unplugged. Whew! To be ignorant is one thing. To remain ignorant is quite another concept altogether.


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