Medieval Christianity

About 1400 years after the death of Jesus, religious leaders in Europe were interpreting the words of the Gospels in queer ways. Recall the scene of the woman caught in adultery. What did the writers say about the reaction of Jesus? Of course. 

Somehow during those 14 centuries those words were corrupted. Although the authors of the Gospels rarely record any sexual sins, the religious leaders of Medieval Europe seemed to believe that Jesus focused on those issues. 

A recent archaeological dig uncovered a rare burial in which the deceased was buried upside down. She was a nun and the cemetery was on the convent grounds. Why? Apparently she was punished in death because she gave birth to a child. The male (possibly a priest) is, naturally, unknown. The photo below is of the burial.

Note the arrow. It points to an infant burial below the missing legs of the woman.  The nunnery is Littlemore Priory, a nunnery founded in 1110 and dissolved in 1525 in the Oxford area. 

For more information on this dig go here.


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