The Simplicity Among the Great Complexity

The complexity of both the micro and macro world is beyond most of us. Fascinating for sure, but hard to understand. I actually ‘get’ the universe or multiverse a bit more than the other micro world of quantum mechanics. I was good in school with the proton, electron and neutron, but the boson, gluon and quarks fails to imprint onto my brain. I don’t get it no matter how hard I try.

Then there is the other concept that also fails to imprint on my brain. That dynamic duo, the ever-dueling concept of Heaven and Hell. Discussion of each leaves me as clueless as subatomic particle theory. Interestingly though, lay people are much more interested in the double H’s even though these are as unclear as tetraquarks.

Oh, I know, there are volumes of material about the Heaven/Hell theory, but, unlike the Higgs Boson, it is mere speculation. No one has ever experienced Heaven or Hell. It is pure hypothesis. Quantity is no proof of Truth.

If one analyzes the HH concept, it is nothing more than the human desire for reward and punishment. Somewhere in our post-reptilian brain we learned these two concepts and, upon the analysis of human existence, a conclusion was reached that an after-death reward/punishment scenario was justified. Life apparently was not long enough; an after-death epoch was needed. 

As a result, a Supreme Judge was envisioned- one who kept score, noting goodness and badness. Thus the need arose for a codified set of good and bad behaviors. The concept of sin bubbled up and, as expected, the need for cleansing. How and by whom was appointed to holy men who arose from the elders of the tribe. Rites and ritual along with temporal punishment developed. As did dogma. And the concept of righteousness and condemnation. Naturally a complete and complex system developed to enable the HH concept to be housed. 


What do you suppose those ‘good’ people do in Heaven all day long? I’ve wondered about that. I have heard that they contemplate the face of God. Really? Anything else? Does Time exist? What about relationships? Consciousness? Do we bring our unique personalities? Do we ‘know’ our families and friends? Do we mourn someone who did not make it? Have we emotions? How long does it take to be comfortable without our personal bodies? How will we recognize others without a body? Do we think? 


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