Extraterrestrials and Incarnations

Here in Toledo an interesting lecture will be held on Wednesday with the curious title, Vast Universe: Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation. Two points. It will be held at a Catholic university and the speaker is Catholic priest, Fr. Thomas O’Meara. That title is in fact the title of his book. O’Meara wonders both about the religious beliefs of these extraterrestrials as well as whether other incarnations of the Spirit (Jesus) have taken place in other sectors of time and space. 

In light of the fact that astronomers have identified nearly 1000 planets in our galaxy as potentially habitable, O’Meara wonders two things. First, if sentient, have these beings developed a belief in God? Further, have they encountered an incarnation of the Spirit which he names Jesus?

I ask a follow- up, compound question: Have any of these places concocted a theory of universal sin (Original Sin) and if so, by what means have they theorized that it could be mollified? Have they actualized the concept of Substitutional Atonement through killing?  Do they require that their Incarnation of Spirit be slaughtered as is believed in the Christian Faith?

For more insight into O’Meara’s theory, read a summary  http://cdn.theologicalstudies.net/60/60.1/60.1.1.pdf


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