What if the U.S. Became a Christian Nation?

Tis the season for those running for president in the Republican Party to prove that each is more Christian than Jesus. There is a minister and the son of a minister as candidates. The others are oh-so Christian, just ask them. They love Jesus. But, do they, really?

Blogger Benjamin Corey who writes on Patheos doubts that. He thinks that most don’t know what a ‘Christian Nation’ would look like. Here is a synthesis of his post.


If America Became a Christian Nation (They Probably Wouldn’t Like What it Looked Like)
Because truth be told, if America actually were to become a Christian nation, I don’t think the people who advocated for it would be too happy with the end product. Since Christian is supposed to mean “little Christ” or “Christ follower,” we actually have a way to offer some clear cut examples of what a Christian nation would look like– because all we have to do is look at what Jesus taught, and how Jesus lived, as a model to pattern national behavior.

We’d Have To Abolish the 2nd Amendment. We’d Have to Replace the Department of Defense with the Department of Enemy Love. We’d Have to End Capital Punishment. Eradicating Poverty Would Be One of Our Most Pressing Concerns. We’d Freely Care for the Sick. We’d Become The Most Loving Nation Toward Immigrants. 

So, politicians can use the term “Christian nation” all they want, but I don’t think any of them understand what the term actually means– nor do I think any of them would find a Christian nation appealing.

A Christian nation doesn’t exist, nor will one ever exist. However, the Kingdom of God does exist, right here, right now– and you’re invited to live within it, where all of those above things are lived and practiced already.



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