Pictures Painted on the Walls of my Womb

The inattentiveness of the desert provides an inexplicable healing. Meinrad Craighead found this in her experience among the sandstone flats and underground kivas of the Pueblo Indians. “When I came to New Mexico in 1960,” she wrote, “I found the land which matched my interior landscape. The door separating inside and outside opened. What my eyes saw meshed with images I carried inside my body. Pictures painted on the walls of my womb began to emerge” (The Mother’s Songs: Images of God the Mother [Paulist Press, 1986], p. 67) She discovered the Great Mother in the awesome beauty of the desert, brooding over a world still in the process of being born. She found hope where others might have experienced only despair. In being ignored, she was unexpectedly given back her truest self.”

– Fierce Landscapes and the Indifference of God by Belden C. Lane

‘Painted on the walls of my womb.’ What a powerful metaphor! God the Mother. Where did She go?

It is interesting to note that archaeologists tell us a few secrets not found in the pages of the Bible. In digging through layers of the time when Yahweh was the tribal God of the Israelites, they found a plethora of statues of the goddess Asherah. They infer that she was worshiped along side of Yahweh. There is further speculation that the two were husband and wife.

 Why was She written out of Abrahamic religion? Clearly because the culture changed and the society became strongly patriarchal.  If she had not been written out (redacted by later copyists)  would the world be different today? I’m betting so.



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