The Cosmos is Beautiful Enough as it Is

Blogger Adam Lee who writes for Pathos is not altogether happy with many strident atheists who seemingly care little about social justice along other things. Flaunting their atheism without anything else important in life, he believes, is pathetic. Why flaunt something that is as invaluable  as yesterday’s news?

Nonetheless, he is just as intolerant of the religiously fundamental. He writes,

The great moral conflicts of the next hundred years must be settled on the basis of what’s true, not just on who believes more fervently. Even when we aim at the right ends, letting faith guide our steps will always lead to diverted and wasted effort, will always threaten to trip us up and lead us down blind alleys, and will always breathe life into the very fundamentalisms that pose the threat in the first place.

The following, however, caught my attention most clearly.

Most of all, faith keeps us from what’s real. The cosmos is beautiful enough as it is, deep enough as it is, glorious enough as it is; we need no small human fantasies to embellish it, nor a dusting of mythology to confer it all with meaning. The real story of how everything came to be and where we fit into the grand picture is more spectacular and awe-inspiring than any religion, and it has the virtue of being true. Embracing reality in all its fullness, unclouded by false hope or illusion, is the most profound of all the gifts that atheism has to offer the world.

This seems intensely true in this moment of time when radically fundamentalist religious groups are slaughtering others without seemingly any conscious whimper.

How would our world be different had fundamentalist religion not been invented? I don’t know, yet could it have been any worse?




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