Pagan Yeast in Religious Dough

i came across the title Above on a Patheos blog post by Gus diGerega titled, “The spiritual gifts of Wicca do not stop with Wiccans.” As Christian denominations continue to shrink, some into nothingness, the author suggests that a good dose of things which Pagans/Wiccans hold dear might help the Abrahamic faiths, especially Christianity. 

One is the sacredness of the feminine (and respect for women). The second is the sacredness of nature. The author notes, “In the absence of a appreciation for both, our society faces increasingly dark times, times even darker than those we are currently suffering.”

He goes on about those dark times.

“Our shadow side has included the robbery and genocide of Native Americans; an economy rooted in the horrors of slavery; oppressive and violent racism and tribalism; large religious communities that worship deities who, were they human, would be locked up as criminally insane; aggressive wars in service to endless greed, wars that, like that greed, are now unending; and growing contempt for science and for maintaining a sustainable world for the nature so many of us love, and for future generations of human beings.”

Much of what is wrong with our nation, the author suggests, can be found in conservative Christian denominations as well as in right-wing politics. One does not see much difference. Neither embrace the sacred feminine or the sacredness of nature. 

Thr Romanized Christian church ran a campaign to stamp our Paganism throughout the Empire. That same church became engaged in bloody witch hunts and heretic burnings. This church engaged in many acts of genocide as religious sects engaged in wholesale slaughter of one another for 100 years.

Where was the Christian god in all of this? Where is the Goddess?


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