Mythical Whisperings

From the time that we humans ‘woke up,’ people have wondered what’s it all about. Life, that is. Our Neolithic ancestors looked up at what must have been a brilliant sky those many millennia ago and saw amazing arrays of stars twinkling brightly in the black void. Surely they figured that something was out there, beyond their reach, beyond their knowledge. But what? Who?

These people knew well the earth along with its frightening unpredictability. Yet the nighttime sky remained a deep source of fear and mystery. Those in the clan with greater imagination fashioned characters in the formation of those dots of light along with stories befitting the arrangement.

Myth was born in the stories which transcended human limits down on the earth.Further, additions to these stories continued not only to enhance the storytelling, but also to ease the fears of the people gazing upward. Gods and evil spirits illuminated not only the sky, but also the minds of our ancestors.


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